Great Color Combinations for Family Pictures

Great Color Combinations for Family Pictures


It’s been established that when having family photos taken, there should be a color theme instead of everyone wearing the exact same color or pattern. But what color schemes are the best for family photos? Here are some of the best color palette ideas:


Going with a pastel theme allows for many different colors to be used, but they still all blend together nicely. Pastels work well with outdoor landscapes and indoor backgrounds, making them versatile. Since it is Easter picture season, pastels also give off that springtime, Easter vibe as well.

Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow contrast, but still complement each other well. Yellow pops against a darker blue, such as navy. The two can even tie together with some shades of turquoise too. These colors are great for beach family photos.

Black and White

Simple, but elegant. Black and white is a traditional color combo made up of two neutrals. This gives a nice versatility for many backgrounds, whether indoors or outside. It is frequently the easiest color combo to put together because people usually have a lot of black and white already in their closet.

Navy and Green

This color combination goes well with nature backdrops, highlighting the colors that naturally occur in nature. Darker blues work better with the green than a brighter blue, it’s just easier on the eyes. Using tan as an added neutral works great with these two colors.

Green, Navy and Red

These colors makes most people think about the holidays and winter. They are the classic Christmas card colors, and balance together nicely. Keep this combo in mind for the next holiday photographs.

When preparing for a family portrait session with Cindy Sherman Photography, refer back to this blog post for color combination ideas. With a great color combination and Cindy’s expert photography skills, everyone will be jealous of those family photos.

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